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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Email Marketing Tracking & Reporting

My uncle, who runs an online education business, told me that he has adopted a few marketing strategies from advertising online and offline to text message and email blasting. According to my uncle, response has not been too great but I think the problem with him is that he will only market his courses a month before a new semester starts.

According to my uncle, he doesn't send out a monthly newsletter. Well, although some people may think that sending out a mail a month is one too many, if these are the people who opted in to the mailing list, they wouldn't mind, would they? Also, with the right email marketing tracking and reporting, my uncle would know how effective his newsletters are, which are the topics, headlines and style of writing captivate and also the hotspots in the layout of the newsletter.

I am not sure if my uncle would take up my suggestion but I really think it’s a good idea for him to continuously promote his business throughout the year rather than just a month prior to a new semester. Studying, especially for working adults, is a great commitment and we need more time to think over it before enrolling in a course. Don’t you think so?


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