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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Name The Baby Dolphin eBay Auction

A one-month-old baby dolphin has made her debut at Australia's SEA World and the theme park is auctioning off the chance to name her on eBay. See this photo that I have enclosed courtesy of SEA World, Australia. She is with her mother, Squeak.

Besides winning the chance to name the baby dolphin, the winner of the auction will also get the chance to participate in a research trip to Moreton Bay to assess the health of a thousand dugongs in the flood-affected Moreton Bay. This sounds like the more interesting part of he prize package to me. LOL

At this time of writing, the auction has already garnered over 35 bids at the highest bid of AUD3,050. There are still another nine days to go so expect the price to be pushed higher.

eBay auction: HERE


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