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Thursday, 14 April 2011

'Misleading' Home-Based Advertisement Banned

An advertisement that shows a screenshot of PayPal with a one-day income of £3,732.73 has been banned because it does not show the true picture of an "average" person who participates in this home-based work. According to this company an average person can earn between £200 and £500 per month. £3,732.73 is an exceptional case.

Although I have not heard of this company before and do not know their nature of business, I only know from reading news report that the company teaches people who to target niche products and set up stores accordingly.

If that's the case, if one puts in time into this online "business", £200 and £500 per month is achievable. But then again, one would have to set aside some money to advertise the business.


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