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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Scotty McCreery Fever Hits eBay

So the American Idol Season 10 winner has been declared and Scotty McCreery emerged victorious. In no time, enterprising eBay sellers have flooded the marketplace with memorabilia of the new American Idol from printed t-shirts to mouse pads to mobile phone covers and stickers. Obviously, this is just a small list of items that are being sold on eBay now to cash in on the new-found fame of Scotty McCreery.

After so many years monitoring eBay, I still get surprised by the business-mindedness of eBay sellers around the world and at their speed in coming up with all sorts of merchandise whenever something major comes up, like the Will & Kate wedding and then crowning of American Idol.

Well, I won't be getting anything for myself. I don't care how talented Scotty is. When it comes to being a fan, I go for the "package".


Home Inspector Training said...

Actually, Scotty fixed the posture thing--he was so used to playing guitar. And you might want to watch him on Regis & Kelly if it gets posted on you tube....he just sang with a piano and it was beautiful. He can sing.

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