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Monday, 12 September 2011

Performance-Based Search Engine Optimization

During one of my sales pitch, where I tried to sell advertising space on my blog to a travel and tour company, the boss asked me a very valid question. He wanted to know how people know to come to my blog to read about his company.

This is where performance-based search engine optimization comes in. To understand what it means, you have to read through the website of rankpay as they discuss the topic in-depth.

In short, RankPay guarantees that they rank your specified keywords on major search engines. The client only pays if they are successful. This means that the clients 'see' what they have purchased first before paying, which is good for them. And obviously, this pushes RankPay to work hard and fast, since they want to be paid, right? It's an advantage to both parties, as you can see.

This is different from many other companies that offer search engine optimization. We wouldn't know if we are paying for the results or not, since we need to wait for months to see our keywords ranked in major search engines. This sometimes never materializes!

RankPay is the way to go for companies seeking to rank in search engines and yet, want to see the results first before writing that check.

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