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Monday, 12 September 2011

'Back to the Future' Nike Shoes

Nike, which released a limited 1500 number of glow in the dark Nike shoes that was made popular by Michael J. Fox in 1989 Back to the Future movie, now known as "2011 Nike Air Mag" has seen these shoes snapped up on eBay, flying off the shelves with British rapper Tinie Tempah paying US$37,500 for a pair.

Unlike the shoes in the movie which self-laced, these replica shoes have to be laced manually. But I guess no one minds, judging from the number of shoes that have been sold till now.


Anonymous said...

why pay thousands for these shoes? In a few years they're going to be in every walmart for $100. I would wait till the makers can get them to lace themselves. Save up your money 'cause then your gonna want those.

anonymous said...

Wal-Mart doesn't sell Nike's

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