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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Home & Contents Insurance

Alicia, my good friend, is contemplating buying a house. She is single and still lives with her parents, and being the prudent person that she is, she said that she would continue with the living arrangements now even when she has a house to call her own. She would like to collect rental from her property!

According to Alicia, she is taking some time deciding on what type of house to purchase as her budget is tight. In addition to paying deposit on the house and servicing the monthly home loan, she would still need to purchase home and contents insurance, to keep the home and everything inside insured!

Buying a house is a heavy responsibility and it looks like Alicia, or anyone in her position, doesn't only need financial advice from her banker but also insurance advice from a reputable insurance adviser.

CGU Insurance Limited offers three levels of home insurance coverage that could be customized to suit the needs of different homeowners. I also like the fact that policy holders of their insurance will only pay for what they need covered, and that they have the assurance that valid claims are processed and paid out promptly and fairly. This is peace of mind every homeowner should enjoy.

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