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Monday, 28 May 2012

Shopping Out Of Budget

Was on a luxury holiday to Langkawi with a group of friends recently....and we had lots of time to shop at the duty-free island. There were simply so many things to buy, some at half the price of Kuala Lumpur, or even Ipoh. Of course, we only had eyes for the imported stuff because there was not much of a price difference for local products.

Most of my friends had to buy a new bag just to cart everything home. A friend even had so much stuff, she exceeded her flight luggage allocation! And then, many moaned that they had overspent and would be eating bread for the next seven months! Awwww... shopping gives us a short thrill but the consequences of overspending, we have to bear for the next seven months, or even longer. 

So, spend wisely!


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