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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Affordable Health Insurance

I hold a health insurance policy when I subscribed to a couple of years ago. Two years later, with a changed income flow, I am finding it difficult to continue with my subscription. I don't want to break my policy but at the same time, it seems a tad too expensive now. And I really do need health insurance seeing how cost of health care in the country has risen! 

My friends advised me to switch to a more affordable health insurance policy after I told them how much I have to pay every month. They think that for my basic policy, it didn't have to be that much. Well, since it was my first health policy, I had nothing to compare it with, and just committed to it after attending a sales talk. Frankly, I did not do any research or compare policies with other service providers at all. 

 A cousin told me about the Cheap Health Insurance Florida that she got. Isn't she lucky to have such a service where she could easily compare health insurance policies and quotes and then only decide which one's the best, after making sure that the policy meets her requirements? And all these in the comfort of home? 

I do not have such convenience and it is a hassle to go through the checking and comparing of insurance policies and quotes among the many different health insurance providers. So bad! 

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