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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Long Waiting Period

I recently made a purchase on a coupon site. After making the purchase, the item was extended for another 24 hours. That pissed me off a little. 

Upon making payment and receiving the coupon, I read the fine line and was dismayed to realise that the item would only ship to me after one month. All in all, I calculated that I would only be getting the item some two months after paying for it. Isn't that too long a wait? 

This wasn't my first time making a purchase on a coupon site but it's the first time I am buying a physical item. My previous purchases were all just coupons which I would redeem at retail stores. 

Duh... this is really off putting. The consolation is that I am not desperately in need of this item, and I am getting a good discount on it. Still, bleh!


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