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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Banjo Music

I recently got to know an American who plans to live in Ipoh for six months before moving along to another town. Ipoh is such a small city that I wonder how he could spend his time and not get bored. 

Visiting him the other day at his new pad, he told me that he has brought a long his banjo. Now, this is not a popular instrument where I live. Neither is it common. Many people here know how to play the piano and guitar but the banjo? Not really. I don't believe many locals handled it before either. 

We surfed online to see the different banjos in the market and came to the hub how to choose banjos. What an interesting musical instrument it is! If only I had the talent. I always lament thinking of my disadvantage. 

Anyway, I'll spend more time with my new friend and hope he will entertain me with his banjo.


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