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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Commemorating With Unique Wedding Favors

The other day when I wrote about a wedding I attended, my sister wanted to know if I received any wedding favors. Yes, the trend of giving wedding favors is picking up here though this is a western culture.

Couples here are smarter now that they look for good quality yet cheap wedding favors on the web. Previously, most couples had to do away with wedding favors because they could not fit in their budget because the ones available locally are way too expensive.

If I get married, I too would like to give away unique personalized wedding favors to commemorate the event. It’s supposed to be once in a lifetime thingy so everything has got to be special!

I noticed that Shop For Weddings has a great array of unique wedding favors and they are giving out free personalization service for some of these wedding favors. I love the website. Perhaps it’s because pink is my favorite color?


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