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Friday, 20 June 2008

Creating A First Impression in Business

Living in my town it is not always that I get to attend exhibitions. Of course, when there is one, I will be there. However, having attended many exhibitions in the capital city and many international trade shows in the course of work, I always felt that there is still plenty of room for improvement for companies here to project a more forward thinking image.

When it comes to business, a first impression is the most important. There is only one chance to project an impressionable image on a client or potential client and it starts with the display and staff manning that exhibition booth.

You may wonder why I keep saying that Bespoke and custom built exhibition stands are so important. Well, it makes the company stand out from among the thousands of companies who have set up a booth in the large exhibition hall. Do you think that there would only be tens of companies marketing themselves? You should see the scale of exhibitions in China!

I have seen many, many different kinds of displays and exhibition stands from small to medium to large ones. It is too bad that on such short notice, I could not find a photo of the one that I like the most.

However, I found one here that looks closest to the one that impressed me. It is huge and outstanding and clean too. Any company which had this custom made for an exhibition would surely create an excellent impression and professional image. This display shows the seriousness a company has in their business.

Of course, a company must take into account its budget when it comes to custom building an exhibition stand like that and also its usage and the allotted space in the exhibition hall. Still, there is only one opportunity to make that impression to many potential customers and they should grab at it.


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