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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Do We Still Need A Virtual Office?

While looking for something on the web this morning, I chanced upon a Singaporean company that advertised its services on assisting us to withdraw PayPal funds in Malaysia.

What they offer is a pretty simple concept whereby clients who are in Malaysia yet want the ability to withdraw their PayPal funds will have to rent a virtual office from them with a legitimate business address.

I wonder if there are still people who are looking for such a service that this company advertised so heavily on the web. I think that most of us already know that we can indeed withdraw funds from our PayPal account in Malaysia. Of course there will be withdrawal limits but then it's a vast improvement since a year ago.

Also, I see no point in paying money to rent an address because we have to think of the long term expenses. It would be cheaper to just fly to the United States and open an account with a financial institution. Sure it would be expensive but then it's one-off only.


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