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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Free Victoria's Secret Tank Valued At US$12

Victoria's Secret has certainly been enticing us with plenty of freebies, besides the discount in prices. HHmm I know that I am tempted to splash a little something on their store but I have been holding back. Hey, money isn't as easy to come by now that the economy has staled, you know, Victoria's Secret?

Whatever it is, I think they have a pretty aggressive marketing campaign, especially this Summer where retail competition is seriously fierce.

On top of their semi-annual clearance sale, they are throwing in freebies on top of the price cut. I wonder how many people, who did not make a purchase even with the 50% discount, would now part with their hard-earned money, just so that they could get the free tote, free tank or free Victoria's Secret flip flops.

Suddenly this comes to mind: And the fool and his money are soon parted....


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