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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Treasures In Collectibles and Memorabilia

Since the early days of eBaying where I sold off a Shania Twain collectible cheaply to a guy who resold it ten times my selling price, I stopped selling collectibles and memorabilia already. Yes, I have plenty of these which at first I thought I could get a little profit from. Now I know that they are worth way more than that!

Nowadays, instead of selling my collection of music memorabilia, I source for them online. It's not as easy as it sounds because sellers of collectibles and memorabilia know that there will always be die hard fans who would willingly pay premium price.

When it comes to comparison shopping, I use ShopWiki which I trust will source the internet for me for the best priced items. That was how I managed to get a good deal in an Elvis memorabilia for my sister's birthday. She is such a huge Elvis fan that she visited Graceland three times within the past year!

Anyway, people who are not collectors would never understand what we see in these old memorabilia!


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