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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Customers Should Always Be Right

It has been more than three weeks since I sent in my wireless router to claim warranty. Since the first week, I have been asking the guy who is in charge of warranties if my wi-fi router is back yet.

One day, he said, “You have asked this question for many times already!”

Oh yeah, of course I will keep asking until it is back, right? It’s my wifi router and I need to be concerned about when I will be getting it back since I do need to use it.

But this guy, to say that to me, whatever it is, I am a customer and it is my right to ask until the end. He has to entertain me. If I asked him the question even after the wifi router is back then I know I am wrong. Don’t you think so?

See, now, it’s already 3.5 weeks and I am not even seeing the shadow of it. For things like that, we customers need to CHASE it back. I have not been calling him up this week because I am busy but he better not make me call him to ask or I would give him a piece of my mind!


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