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Sunday, 13 July 2008

eBay Neutral Feedback Discounted

Did you read the recent eBay announcement that come August, 2008, eBay will no longer take neutral feedback into our percentage count? Do you think that’s good or bad? I think that it should have been like this right from the beginning since a neutral is exactly that, neutral = zero points so it should not influence our feedback percentage.

eBay will begin to recalculate feedback retroactively for worldwide eBay members but they have reassured that eBay PowerSellers should not see any changes in their PowerSeller status despite the revision. I guess the percentage of people affected by this recalculation would not be that so great that it would sway the percentage levels of Sellers.

Having said this, if you read my earlier post on changes in eBay feedback, you will know that eBay sellers are no longer able to leave neutral and negative feedback to Buyers. I think this new system is a little lopsided; after all, Buyers could be baddies too.


Anonymous said...

As it should be! A neutral should not be a negative. I hope they change some of their other wacky changes. If you saw an ebay exec on fire would you piss on them? Only If I pissed lighter fluid!

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