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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Round Up Or Not?

As you know, we are supposed to round our one sen since 1st of April, 2008. From what I understand though, we do not need to round up our sen is we were paying our bill via online payment. But surprise, surprise…. I paid my Celcom bill as usual via internet banking and guess what? They now tell me that I owe them ONE SEN.

So do we actually round up or not? If we were to round up our sense every single time over the counter and via internet banking then we are losing. Don’t think that one sen is small value because it all adds up. I believe that I mentioned before that a retailer said that from all the one sen that they collected, they actually profit a six-figure sum in one year!

I am amazed, actually, that they want to say that I owe them one sen. They could easily put that one sen in the bill, right? Anyway, it is not that I am pissed off or anything, I already know that corporations are very strict with monies. A guy I know died and the IRS even chased the family after ten sen that the deceased supposedly owe them!


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