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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Unique Personalized Photo Blankets

My friend was wondering aloud what to get for her mother’s birthday which falls in August. I told her about the personalized custom print photo pillows this morning but I soon realized that she should also make a personalized photo blanket to go with it. Then only will the unique gift be complete.

My friend was very excited about the idea of making a custom photo blanket as well and she said that her mother would definitely be very surprised to receive such a thoughtful gift and would be impressed with how the photo print would turn out so real life like, like an art piece.

I told many of my friends about this unique gift and they all said that they have heard of this before but have not tried giving these as gifts before but now that they know that it is so easy to make personalized photo pillows and blankets, they would be going for these the next time an occasion comes up. I was hoping that they would remember my birthday!


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