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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Adopting IT In A Company

I asked my friend if his company is fully computerized. He said no. he said that there are still many aspects of the company that depend manual input. Well, I think that unlike other companies where we have to wait for a decision from the management to upgrade the office, my friend, being the boss, has full control of how the workplace should be run and it is up to him to adopt information technology fully or he will fall behind his competitors.

Actually, it is so easy for him to adopt IT because he could easily outsource the whole aspect of it to professional IT services companies and in a city as advanced as New York, it is not easy to find a New York IT services company?

I personally feel that the longer my friend, Paul, shies away from information technology and the advances it could bring to our company, the more difficult it is for him to adopt IT, or to catch up with it. By outsourcing, he would save a lot of money, resources and human hours. His staff would be able to better concentrate on real work and that means an increase in productivity. Well, of course, ultimately, it is up to him but I think that it’s just foolish of him to wait any longer.


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