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Sunday, 3 August 2008

My eBay BETA

If you are an eBayer, I am sure you noticed that there has been a slight change in our admin panel. eBay has called it "My eBay BETA". After a few days using the new version, whereby all of us are automatically opted in, I decided that enough is enough and I opted out.

I am not sure if it's coincidence or whatever, I tell you, accessing that page, I feel a tremendous lag in loading the page. I had to wait a couple of seconds, until the pop up notice is displayed and then I would have to close it, then only could I start to list or relist my items, check for sales and leave feedback, etc. Tell e that I am not the only one feeling the digression?

I always believe that if there is nothing wrong with something, don’t fix it. Yes, I know that they think that we would like a revamp but not even it kills our user experience. I hope that they get out of BETA soon and if all of us are forced to use the new version, by all means allow us to dismiss messages, or disable the pop up window all together. Isn’t it just irritating to be seeing the same old “important” announcement each time we log in to our eBay account? Now, where is the “Dismiss” button?


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