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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Cash & Carry Sale

It was so funny last evening. My friend and I were browsing through a cash and carry store. When we were on our way there, we did not know that there was a sale going on. My friend decided to buy a huge TV on the spot since there was a discount. I don't know much about these HD TVs but he said that it was a lot cheaper!

Anyway, both of us managed to get it into his car. There was no one to help us, since it was Cash & Carry, after all! After driving all the way home only did he realize that his tv stand is too small for his new TV and that he would have to buy another.

I pity him that he had no place to fix up his TV yet until he could buy a new stand in the morning. he said he loves his new TV too much to put it on the floor. Once the TV is set up, I’m going to watch movies as his house. Is there really a huge difference watching on an HD TV?


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