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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sleep To Be Sexy, Slim & Smart

I read an article on Reader's Digest on why we should have a good night's sleep. I think the article was based on a book by Ellen Michaud, "Sleep To Be Sexy, Smart and Slim".

You know, a male friend of mine claims that gals sleep more than guys and he keeps calling us lazy. Well, now that I have read this article, I have could rebut him and make a valid excuse on why I have to sleep more than he does!

And if he forces me to stay up, I will make him feel guilty that I am not sexy, not smart and not slim because of him! Honestly, though, I am not sure how true this claim is but a good night’s of rest will certainly do wonders to our state of mind and attention span. This is based on my own experience and those of my friends who, because of work or cranky children, stay up through the night.


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