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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Creative Advertising

A friend of mine is currently studying advertising in the United States. While this career choice is still not popular in Malaysia, in America, it is a different story entirely. I have another friend who works with an advertising agency and he tells me that it is total chaos working there.

The pressure is tremendous and dateline is always tight. And as a creative person, it hurts him that he is not able to do what he wants but what his clients want. Happy he would be if he could sell his entire idea to his client, or at least incorporate some of his creative elements in a project.

I told my friend, the advertising student, to check out the website of Brand Identity Guru, a company that I got to know of a few months ago, and absolutely love the way they are advertising themselves via their website. It's light and refreshing and most of all, creative.

I feel that companies that are looking to engage an advertising agency should look for one that shares their same ideals. Then only would they be able to put into fruition what they have in mind to bring a product out to the masses in a captivating and unforgettable way.

Did you know, I wanted to study advertising as well, but I was required to draw something and I couldn’t draw to save my life!


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