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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Streamyx Is Seriously Testing My Patience

For the past two months, every day I am experiencing disruption of my Streamyx service. I get disconnected from the internet every couple of minutes until my browser crashes.

Now, if you think that is bad, just imagine, on top of that I get totally out of service for up to six hours at a stretch and this is happening every single evening. I am so damn pissed off, one day when I could find the time, I am going to call them up and screw them

I am subscribed to a 24-hr unlimited service package and not an 18-jhour a day package. Seriously, I should have called them up and screamed down the line and demanded compensation if I am not busy like hell that I could only make calls to the Customer Service hotline at night when the decision makers are already off work and I find it unfair to bang the people in the front line of service.

Since I am in a foul mood lately because the crap that is called Streamyx and Celcom 3G is causing me to lose money, I may just pick up the phone and screw them 99 tomorrow morning.


Pay Per Post said...

sometime its something wrong with the telephone cable outside, maybe caused by lightning or so on, maybe got stoled by druggy, u must understand tm technician not so savvy like u, they also human, so when come time like this, plz be patience and plz find temporary solutions for internet going to wifi place or something, invest some buy notebook and when come time like this u will not be worried not accessing your internet, thats all

wong said...

Don't worry, I keep experiencing the time-out EVERYDAY since July... I'm giving out on calling or anything. Let's just rewrite their plan with your own point of view, then you'll live better with it :D

foongpc said...

I have been very irritated with Streamyx lately. It's very inconsistent sometimes it's good, sometimes it's so slow it's worse than Jaring dial-up. You should call them and complain though I doubt it would make much difference!

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