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Friday, 8 August 2008

Dresses For Fall From Victoria’s Secret

This morning, I received an email update from Victoria's Secret promoting their dresses for fall. They have over 150 dresses in seven categories, different dresses for different occasions so to speak. I like most of their dresses, I actually think that they make better dresses than lingerie LOL, I saw this model and I think that she looks out of place as a Victoria's Secret model. She is wearing a silk dress selling at US$118!

Out of the seven different collections, my favorite has got to be the “Little Black Dresses”. All the clothes here are in black and they simply exude class and elegance. There’s one dress, the cheapest of the lot, being sold at US$39 only. Not bad, I think. Some are sold at a “Special” price, some are stated as “sale” price. I wonder if they will go any lower, particularly during the Victoria’s Semi Annual Sale or maybe they will go to the clearance pool. I can dream, can’t I? LOL


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