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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Moving To The City

While most of us would be lucky to keep our jobs in view of the lackluster economy that seems to get nowhere better, despite the slight improvement in gas prices, a friend of mine told me that her husband has just been told that he has been promoted. This new job would require him to relocate again.

My friend told me that she is slightly apprehensive, not only because she and her family are uprooting and she has to adapt to a new city and the children will once again have their social life disrupted, she is afraid that her movers will give her a nightmare again.

I can certainly understand her worries because I myself have moved a few times before. I think that the level of stress increases by the kilometer that we have to move. The farther away we are moving, the higher our stress level is!

I remember my friend, Paul, telling me about a Boston moving company that he used when he relocated his office and he said that he has no problems whatsoever and would have no qualms recommending their services. Well, I am not sure if he was just sheer lucky, or maybe he, being a guy, is less fussy!


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