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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New Lelong Categories

I wonder if anyone noticed or if it was announced on the Lelong boards but I have somehow missed it but Lelong has added even more categories for our auction listing. It is better for Buyers in the sense that they could better search for what they want easily without sieving through irrelevant auction items. This smoothens the Buyer’s buying experience on Lelong, just as the limit on Seller’s selling quota would.

I would not even have noticed it if I did not go through my items as I was relisting them. Luckily I did because my items were somehow placed in other categories that have no relevancy to my items. LOL I guess when the new categories were added, somehow a glitch caused my items to be categorized under the new categories. I am sure I am not alone, but did the other Sellers notice this or did they relist their items blindly, like I sometimes will, especially when I am rushing for time.

This glitch would cause Buyers to look at things that they have no intention of buying. I guess it will take time for our items to appear on correct categories when all Buyers have made changes to their old listings. It’s all good in the end and as an old time Lelonger, I am happy to see slight improvements to Lelong.


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