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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Replacing Taps With Bar Faucets

My plumber told me that I should replace all my taps with bar faucets because I told him that it seems that taps do not last long and maintenance is getting costly.

He also told me that although the initial cost of bar faucets is a little more expensive than taps, at least it will give me peace of mind. Moreover, faucets hardly leak unlike taps and I would not have to waste water and run my water bill too. He said that it would be penny wise, pound foolish if my tap leaks and I do not replace them with faucets.

What do you think? I really don’t wish to fork out too much money on home improvement but if I were to replace one tap with a bar sink faucet, I would prefer to replace all of them for the sake of uniformity.


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