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Monday, 8 September 2008

New Celcom 1 + 5 Family Plan

Good news! This morning, I received a text message from Celcom that they have just launched a new Celcom 1 + 5 Family Plan. If you are a Celcom subscriber, or even if you are not but may have seen their advertisements, Celcom normally has a 1 + 3 family package. Seriously, with today's family sizes, 1 + 3 is totally inadequate, right?

So what are the benefits of a 1 + 5 plan? From what I could tell, everything remains the same. You will still get to enjoy free SMS and MMS, voice and video calls between family members by paying an additional RM5 per month. It is just that with this new 1 + 5 Family plan, you get to enjoy these with two more family members, compared to the old 1 + 3 plan.

I think that this is a great bundle plan, except that they should not make the supplementary lines pay more for their calls and messages to other numbers outside the family, you know? What do you think? If you would like more information on this, dial 1111 with your Celcom line.


Anonymous said...

why would the sub line want to pay more? as a consumer i wouldnt!

CyberPartyGal said...


Sub-lines pay more for calls outside of "family" because they get to enjoy free calls , SMS and MMS with "family" numbers for only RM5 per month.

I think it's great but one should take into account his or her own usage before settling on a mobile plan.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust Celcom. Got a RM20/mth package postpaid which they change to RM30/mth without giving me notice. Think again.... 1+5?

Citi of Love&Careness said...

Celcom --->>> They'll always cheat you. They wont even notice you of any changes. They say that it's free. But I received a bill amount of RM 431.95!!!
Withut knowing that there's a limit with your free calls to your 1+5 members..NOT KNOWING it..
Think again!!!

Anonymous said...

yaaa!!!me too!!celcom was too too much!!i have settle my bill last week,but u know wut,just now i got msg from them told that if i didnt pay my bill,it will be barred..i check again,it's too much!!my bill 200++...crazy!!!

Ditto-chan said...

^ We got same problem.

1+5? It's just free for 20 hours per month...
What can u expect if u're talking 3~5 hours daily?
When the 20 hours free is over, your bills will raise up, shit!
I just paid my bill last week, and today I check my bill got RM130+.. WTH!

Anonymous said...

erm i juz think to change myline from maxis to celcom..i want to subscribe celcom 1+5 package coz want to reduce mybill..i juz heard from all myfwen who's using i need all uf your opinion as sson as posible..plz respond

CyberPartyGal said...

Hey, I think it's cheap but you have to be very vigilant and keep to the "free minutes". Otherwise, it's going to be very expensive.

Anonymous said...

me too..i just clear my bills and i just called a few people in three days and its says my bill is overlimit i hate this!

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