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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

eBay Bans Sale of Ivory

At last, eBay has yielded to the pressure of Conservationists for banning the trading of ivory on their auction marketplace. About a year ago, eBay had implemented a ban on ivory on cross border trade only, which means trading of ivory from one country to another. This time, it looks like a total ban and it will be implemented globally beginning January, 2009.

2009 will see a lot of changes on eBay but this ban on ivory is the only new policy, as far as I know, that will affect all eBay marketplaces. However, even though this one will be a global ban, there will always be exceptions. Items that have slight ivory in their make-up, like piano where the white keys are made with ivory, will be allowed, only if the piano was manufactured before 1990.

However, other items that have a larger amount of ivory in their make-up like ivory jewelry or chess sets will be banned from eBay entirely. I think eBay is moving in the right direction in this aspect. People should know that eBay is not a place for people to offload whatever they like.


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