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Thursday, 30 October 2008

eBay Holiday Sales Initiatives

Everyone's been talking about how this holiday sales will be the worst for eBay. Well, it's because of the recession where everyone is holding on to their cash, and because eBay's policy has made it exceptionally difficult for decent Sellers to trade.

Recession or not, the holidays will come and gift giving is a Western tradition, so shop they will, and online too as shopping online provides better discounts than shopping in conventional stores.

To ensure that shoppers look no further for their holiday gifts than eBay, new initiatives will be in place beginning 3rd November, 2008 with daily deals, items with a start bid of US$1, daily fixed priced items at US$1, free shipping items and Microsoft Live Search cash back.

To help shoppers with planning gifts for friends and family, a survey was taken and they came up with a list of best and worst gifts.

Top gifts:
1. Gift cards
2. Consumer electronics
3. Smart phone
4. Clothing

Worst gifts:
1. Necktie
2. Flowers
3. Candles


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