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Saturday, 1 November 2008

PayPal's 2008 Holiday Promotions

A couple of days after writing about eBay's holiday specials to entice more people to shop online, particularly shopping on eBay, PayPal, in turn, unveiled their holiday promotions to try to get these online shoppers to pay for their purchases with PayPal. Well, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since PayPal is eBay’s sister company.

So what does PayPal have in store for us? Just like Sellers on eBay, PayPal partner merchants are offering free shipping. In addition to this, shoppers are eligible for cash back incentives and those who shop on eBay and pay with PayPal will receive full protection against their purchases.

Shoppers who land on eBay via Microsoft Live Search will also enjoy great savings on top of the already low prices of eBay deals. Remember, one has to pay with PayPal to enjoy additional savings and protection.

The only problem for me is that shopping online and paying for my purchases with PayPal is so convenient that I am afraid of going over budget. There may be plenty of attractive deals around but the fact remains that the economy is weak and I prefer to have cash on hand.


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