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Friday, 24 October 2008

Revision On eBay Feedback System

If you are a Seller on eBay, you would probably know how unfair the feedback system has become in recent months. Perhaps you have experienced it yourself too. Well, eBay has recently launched a new feedback system. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing but I know that it's putting even more pressure on Sellers. it looks as if Buyers have the upper hand when it comes to eBaying and like I said, eBay should be neutral, providing equal protection for both Buyers and Sellers.

As it is now, the new feature allows eBay sellers to beg their Buyers to retract the negative feedback. However, to prevent abuse, eBay only allows us Sellers to beg five times in a year, or five times every one thousand transactions; beg our Buyers to retract the negatives if we think that they are unwarranted.

Oh yes, Sellers also could only make such a request once per transaction. I don't think this addresses the issue of one sided negative feedback. In fact, I think that the more policy eBay implements, the more mistakes they make. Remember the joke that goes like this: The less you do, the fewer mistakes you make. The fewer mistakes you make, the higher you get promoted.


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