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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Spice Bus on eBay - A Slice of Spice History

If you are a fan of the Spice Girls, this auction may interest you. It's the double-decker bus known as Spicebus that was used in the 1997 movie Spiceworld and driven by "bus driver", Meatloaf. My, that was eleven long years ago!

Opening bid is only £3,500 (almost MYR21,000) and there is already one bid for it. Actually, this price is not that expensive, but it's just too bad that the bus is not furnished. It would be awesome if it was furnished like it was in the movie. Then this slice of spice history would be perfect.

I think there are many ways to urn this Spicebus into a commercially viable memorabilia. One could turn it into a mobile Spice museum, a mini hotel, a Spice tour bus or a place to throw a Spice fan party. But of course, it would require the dedication of a diehard Spice fan!

eBay auction: Here


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