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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Thinking Of Buying A Digital Camera

I have been thinking of buying a digital camera lately. The one I am using now is on loan from a good friend but I would have to return it sooner or later, right? I have no idea which digital camera to buy or what my budget is. The one I am using now, which is actually my friend's, is selling at MYR1500 so I would not be happy with the quality of shots from cheaper digital cameras.

Right now, I have only shortlisted digital cameras that support SD card. In the first place, it is cheaper and secondly, it's one of the most popular media storage so that I could easily upgrade my digital camera in the future without buying new memory card.

I think I would have to wait for a camera fair or photo festival to look for digital camera deals because I am trying not to spend too much on digital products as they upgrade too swiftly.


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