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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Update On The Case of Beckham's Housekeepers

Police investigating the case of Eric and June, the housekeeper couple of David and Victoria Beckham, who are said to have stolen trinkets, memorabilia, souvenirs, gifts and collector’s items from Beckham's home and selling them on eBay to the highest bidders, have confirmed that they have arrested a third person in connection with this crime. The third person is the couple's son.

Although June has denied ever stealing from the Beckhams and said that she has known Victoria even before she became Posh Spice, and Eric has said that he has no comments regarding the police interrogation of their son, this looks like it's pointing to the son, who also has access to Beckham's mansion.

Meanwhile, David and Victoria are said to be "distraught" and have suspended the services of Eric and June and have changed all locks to the house. Well, one could not be too trustful of another in this society.


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