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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Obama-bilia Hits eBay

I am of the opinion that whoever becomes the Head of State will not have much of an impact on me because I am not a politician myself, and neither do I have friends or family who are.

But collectors are very strange people. I am a collector myself so I know. Since Barack Obama has been declared as the new President of the United States, making history as the first black American to be elected, newspapers carrying this piece of news have been sold out, including extra prints, prompting newspapers to print Specials on the Obama campaign running up to his win.

I think that it's fine to collect old newspapers but I also think that it's insane to go to eBay to buy a copy of New York Times for US$249.99, or go into a bid war with twenty people and end up buying it at US$400.

Serious collectors know that the value in collectibles and memorabilia is in souvenirs from the old days, the beginnings and in the case of Barack Obama, when he began his political career, running for the Senate in Illinois. Now, those would worth something today, if you ask me. I wonder if there are still people who are keeping those button badges, fans and posters.


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