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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Free Shipping On Poker Furniture

Although I sometimes play a round or two of Poker, it never crossed my mind to set up a Poker room at home. However, there is this friend of mine who recently built his own home and he told me that he will have a Poker room so that we could all go and have some fun over the weekends. Well, he is rich so he could do whatever he likes.

I did not ask him where he will be buying his Poker furniture and accessories but I know of this leading online Poker supplies superstore, American Gaming Supply, which wholesales casino furniture, including Poker tables, chairs, chips and accessories.

I figure that with their free shipping on Poker tables, table tops, chairs and pedestal legs, purchasing from American Gaming Supply may even be cheaper than buying it from a physical store because of transportation charges.

In any case, besides the price, I would be letting my friend know about American Gaming Supply because of the many designs of Poker tables and chairs. With so many choices, he would most definitely be able to find one that suits his Poker room in terms or design and size. Who knows, perhaps he would fancy some custom Poker chips as well!


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