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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Gifts of Books, CDs & DVDs

I have been wondering the kind of Christmas gifts to get my younger cousins. I can't catch up with their latest trends which seem to change on a daily basis. It must be the generation gap.

Even though I am all for buying gifts that are fun and entertaining, I would prefer to get something that would be fun, entertaining AND provide knowledge as well. That's why I love to buy books. This year, I may opt to get audio books instead, for a change. My young cousins would definitely prefer that since they seem to have earphones stuck to their ears all the time.

I got an idea to buy High School Musical books, CDs and DVDs after watching the movie recently. I thought that only young kids would like it but I have to admit that surprisingly, I enjoyed it myself too. That just proves that I am not "old', OK?

I saw a great deal on of a discount of up to 70% off the Best of BBC DVDs. I think this would be awesome to get for my cousin in London. At least, it would save me the hassle if I were to have it shipped directly to her.

I guess I already have my gift list settled. Now, to plan the budget ....


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