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Friday, 14 November 2008

Jack Sheng - Surpassing One Million +ve Feedback Milestone

Jack Sheng, the co-founder and CEO of Eforcity Corp., a Los Angeles based company that sells electronic accessories on eBay, has reached a milestone that would be difficult for many of us eBay sellers to achieve.

Jack Sheng's four eBay IDs have each independently hit the one million positive feedback. While many people are complaining that eBay hasn't been good to Sellers, Jack Sheng and his two partners and 200-strong employees have continued to forge ahead, way ahead of his closest competitor in terms of positive feedback, who stands at 754,000 currently, selling CDs and DVDs on eBay.

Jack Sheng, of Chinese descent, is truly an inspiration to all of us eBay sellers. The art of selling on eBay, though, and finding success is to discover a niche product; preferably one that does not have too many competitors. Of course, it helps heaps if you were to sell internationally, especially on eBay.com and other premium eBay sites because they offer way more traffic than free eBay sites.


John Paul said...

Wow!!! That is insane over a million feedback. I just find it a little bizarre that eBay is treating this guy like royalty when he has more negative feedback for the year than probably 99.9% users have total feedback. I wonder how many of those negative feedbacks were from first time eBay buyers who had a bad first eBay experience and will never buy again. And with the negative numbers that came out lately eBay can not afford to lose more users.

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