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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Price Increase For Garments

Garment manufacturers and importers have said that they will have to pass the cost of manufacturing and importing garments to consumers because of the price increase of raw material, in particular cotton. Cotton-producing countries like China, India and Pakistan have suffered from floods in recent months, causing the price of cotton to surge.

This translates to an increase of price to the consumer by about 30% and it is not only Malaysia but worldwide. So for those of us who are shopping for new clothes for Christmas and New Year, why wait till next month? But then, manufacturers claim that price for cotton will stabilise when polyester fibre producers can increase production to meet this demand for raw material and that would only happen in the second half of next year.

Oh well, if we need new clothes, we need them but it's wise to plan when to buy them. Shall we buy enough this month and make them last until the second half of 2011?


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