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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Black Friday Mobile Shopping Grew By 310% For PayPal

So Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. Data has been crunched and released. According to PayPal, people are not just browsing and sharing on their mobile phones, they are now actually making purchases and paying for them through PayPal.

PayPal's Black Friday shows an increase of 310% compared to the same day last year and although this information is specific to PayPal, it shows the general trend that consumers are more comfortable shopping online through their smart devices.

According to a research firm, Coremetrics, Cyber Monday pulled in 31.1% more sales online than Black Friday this year and attracted higher average order values. It looks like more people are seeing the benefits of shopping online, the convenience of it and the savings. Still, there are a few bad apples who try to spoil the market with scams, fraud and unreasonable charge backs.


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