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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Poll: eBay Sellers Optimistic About Holiday Sales

eBay ran a survey in September on 435 small businesses who operate on eBay and found that respondents are generally optimistic about holiday sales this year. In addition, they are also optimistic about 2011 and 36% of respondents plan to increase their inventory next year by 15% or more.

Even though the economy in the United States has been weak and the Dollar is no longer as strong, people still need to shop, and they do so online, simply because it is cheaper, less time-consuming and paying for purchases is so convenient.

And you know, even if online shoppers in the United States slack, online retailers can expect shoppers from countries that are not affected by slow economy or weakness in their currency, like Australia, to pick up from where Americans drop off.

Online retail will always be popular. Retailers just need to know what popular merchandise to offer, and when.


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