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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Shoppers Spent £1million in a Single MINUTE On Mega Monday

On the 6th of December, known as Mega Monday in the United Kingdom, shoppers spent £1million in just one minute, breaking all records set previously. Online buying has been increasing steadily over the past week as consumers head online to get their Christmas gifts but it was on Mega Monday that this record was set.

The first week of the month of December is said to be busiest week in retail business as people rush to buy gifts after receiving their paychecks for November. However, previously, shoppers have not taken online shopping to this scale because they were worried about late deliveries of their packages. Still, the highest sales amount achieved last year in a minute was £732,000 on 7th December, 2009.

This makes me wonder how dumb those of us who didn't get a slice of the pie are. Isn't it?


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