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Saturday, 19 February 2011

eBay and PayPal Developer Programmes Merge

I read with delight that eBay and PayPal have decided to merge their developer programs. I may not be an application programmer myself but this merger will definitely help users like me. I have never understood why eBay and PayPal never saw that they needed to merge some of their programmes, forums, discussion boards...

With this merger, external application developers will be able to develop applications that combine both eCommerce and online payment capabilities for a brad spectrum of devices and operating systems.

Using an integrated shopping and payment solution that works across the board will certainly help people like me who connect to the internet with a multitude of devices. I try to look for one application that would work on various platforms for convenience and to minimize learning how one thing works different from another.

I can't wait to check out these integrated applications when they are ready!


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