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Monday, 8 August 2011

12 Million Facebookers Pay To Play

According to a survey, there are 12 million people on Facebook who pay to play games on the social network website. 12 million people sounds like a lot of people, and considering they are paying every month, that's a lot of money, just to pay virtual games on the network!

On the other hand, 12 million people is just a fraction of the total estimated number of people on the website. There are about 750 million registered accounts but I suspect that the actual number of real people is just half of that since most of us have at least one dummy account, some have more. A friend even has 40!

What do you think of people who pay to pay? It's like spending money to entertainment, for example, going for a movie. However, I don't understand why people need to pay to level up when they can play for free. One would need a lot of friends, though!


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