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Friday, 15 August 2014

eBay Fee Hike For Sellers

It's going to be more costly to sell on eBay, beginning today. This coming just a couple of days after a massive internet outage which saw eBay going down and inaccessible on Tuesday, the tenth time it has happened for the site this year, this fee hike is not going down well with sellers of the marketplace. 

Although some will see their cost lower by a slight margin, sellers who use the site for auctions for 3-10 day "Buy It Now" listings will see a bigger impact. 

Moreover, from being charged 95p for the "Gallery Plus" feature of the website, it is now £2.50, a marked increase. 

Adding the "Buy It Now" option will now cost a flat rate of 50p, when it was previously charged at varying costs, with the maximum at 50p. 

Adding a subtitle will now cost £1 when it was merely 35p previously.

And these are just a few examples of the hike in fee faced by sellers on eBay!


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