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Friday, 30 December 2016

Guitar Greats

I was just reading a piece of entertainment news just now regarding a stage production on the life of the late Marc Bolan. I remember growing up to the music of the punk/glam rock....even though I was not from that era. 

I am from the rock era. My parents, however, kept playing that genre of music, so I grew up listening to Marc, chris poland, David Bowie and some others from those times.

I really miss those days when music had character, had a face to a certain type of music. These days, music is not the same anymore. I can't really explain. Things are just not the same. Do you agree?

I think this is why I hardly turn on the radio anymore. My favourite music is still from my collection of CDs. And it has been a looong time since I bought a new CD!


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